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Monthly Archives: December 2017

What’s in Store for 2018

Why, hello there!  It’s been forever and a day since I’ve been here, let’s catch up a bit! With the coming of the new year, so returns reflection on what was and wasn’t accomplished in the previous year; and what’s to be planned for the year ahead.  I’ve always loved the new year because of the opportunity and newness it represents.  It’s a time to reflect, and to start, or restart, goals and aspirations; to course correct and find a new trajectory.  It’s also the time to collect our wins, and review our learnings from the losses. As part of all this reflection, I started to ponder whether to keep this blog or discontinue it.  Shamefully, I haven’t given hardly any effort to my blog; I’ve given all of my energy to growing my YouTube channel, and don’t spend a lot of time in the blogosphere these days.  Sadly, YouTube has become a bit of a rat race; things come and go very fast there.  While I enjoy creating and interacting in YouTube land; I’ve found, over the last few weeks, that I truly miss blogging and the creative process that goes with it.  It’s a much slower pace here in the blogosphere, which I love!  No crazy, “look at me!” thumbnails, no blaring clickbait titles, no drama – none of that.  Here, it’s the written word, usually accompanied by lovely images and photography. What I truly miss about blogging is the ability to be more editorial in my approach to the content I produce; to flex some creative muscle.  With YouTube, it’s not to say you can…