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Artis Makeup Brush Review

Use a hairbrush to apply makeup?  Have you gone mad? When I first stumbled across a review of the Artis makeup brushes on You Tube this past Autumn, I was intrigued.  They look like hair brushes, but are indeed makeup brushes.  The Artis brushes can be used for both powders and liquids, and can be re-used for multiple products in one full makeup application.  This is due to the “Cosmefibers” which are tightly packed, and are resistant to product soaking down into the bottom of the bristles.  For this reason, the Artis brushes are supposed to help save you product, with the added benefit of less chance for bacteria to grow.  I was skeptical about this but find that when I clean the Arits brushes with my daily brush cleaner, not much product comes off, telling me that most of the foundation went onto my skin vs. getting absorbed into the brush. Back to their shape – the traditional makeup brushes we use today are meant to accommodate someone applying makeup to your face.  The principle behind the shape of the Artis brushes is to make it easier for you to apply the makeup directly to your skin; essentially, the Artis brushes are not designed for someone to apply makeup onto you, they’re meant for you to apply makeup onto yourself. I’ll start out by giving a description of each brush below. I purchased the Elite Smoke line from Net-a-Porter (they have a gold and a silver line too), and I purchased the 5 piece set separately from the Oval 8: Oval 8:  The brush is large, ideally I would have liked the Oval 7 but it was sold out at the time.  Artis states the Oval 8 can be used…

GlamGlow Firming Treatment

Who doesn’t love looking like the Tin Man?  I have to admit, the fact that the GlamGlow Firming Treatment turns silver really got my attention.  It seems a bit gimmick-y and yes, I fell for it because I’m a sucker for gimmicks.  Lol.  I decided to wait until the Sephora VIB sale to buy the firming treatment because it is full sized and pricey; GlamGlow masks and treatments retail for $79 a jar.  The firming treatment came with a small flat brush to apply with; it was too small for my taste so I used the paddle foundation brush I have set aside for my facial masks. To start, the firming treatment has a lovely pineapple scent, it goes on with a pearly white finish; it reminds me of royal icing in it’s consistency – runny yet kind of thick and sticky.  I found that it didn’t spread very easily; even though it’s viscous, it’s somewhat stiff when applied.  I had to re-dip my brush several times into the product, I can only imagine how many times I would have to have gone in with the smaller brush. The instructions say to avoid the eye area and hairline, and for good reason (more to come below).  I would also recommend you apply an even, thick layer.  My mistake in today’s application was that I had thinner patches on my cheeks which made it difficult to peel off in those areas, and I was left with a lot of residue. The wait time is 20 – 30 minutes, I wore the firming treatment for a total of 25 minutes.  I did get a little bit of a burning sensation shortly after applying but that went…